About Us

In early 2021, we had a vision to create a space offering specialty coffee, tea drinks, amazing food and most importantly, a unique atmosphere and service that goes above and beyond. We dreamt of this space being more than just a cafe, we wanted it to be a place where you can sit down a while, hangout with a friend, or grab something on the go. One year later, our dream became reality. Evergreen Coffee Co. was established in early 2022 with a desire to make customers feel welcomed, cared for and valued. 

Beauty in Excellence: 

In everything we do, we want to do it well. In serving our community, being intentional, accommodating to peoples wants, keeping our space beautiful, and always offering a friendly face, we want to show beauty and excellence in all that we do. 

Coffee and Bites:

At Evergreen we have connected with local roasters to offer a wide variation of the best light, medium and dark roasts around. From fruity notes to chocolate notes, warm to bold, hot to cold, we desire for every cup to bring a smile to your face. But who doesn’t want a bite to eat along with their coffee…? With every cup of coffee or tea, you will also have the option of getting a locally made pastry or a quick bite made fresh in our store!!